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BASF reception

To the headquarters of BASF I made the reception of Corian Deep Nocturne.

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Shower baths from Corian

Collection “Endless Evolution” from DuPont and collection from Antoniolupi of Corianu® now offers a complete range of in your bathroom.

Christmas inspiration – baths from Corian

Absolute relaxation of body and mind thanks to an object that accepts the primary function of hosting, contain water, the primary resource for human life, and books, with which to satisfy thirst for knowledge.

Sezení v Quadrio

Quadrio relax zones

This popular Prague shopping mall is decorated by corian benches, flowerpots and information totems.

Pohled na umyvadla z CORIANu v obchodním centru Aupark


Toilet facilities in this important shopping mall in Bratislava comer from the EXX STONE workshop.

Recepce firmy Mileta


The Mileta company is one of the largest European textile producers. It focuses mainly on the production of handkerchiefs, shirting and lawns. EXX Stone company projected and delivered at its headquarters the reception desk.

ABRA software front desk


We designed and delivered a reception desk to the headquarters of this innovative software company.

Recepce společnosti ArtGen


The EXX Stone company realised in this unconventional administrative complex both the reception desks and LED lightened walls.


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